Posted 6 months ago

'Tis the season to headbang: Merry Christmas From The Artists of Download


On the surface, what with all the joy and clean vocals, Christmas doesn’t appear to be the most metal of celebrations. But, really, Christmas is the most metal event on the calendar. A ancient immortal soaring through the sky on a vehicle made of Northern European snow beasts...On top of that, what’s more metal than buying something purely so you can watch it die in your living room?

However, over the years there were some who saw the metal potential dwelling within the cold cockles of Christmas, and attempted to combine worlds with varying success. Today, we’re going to go through some of these offerings to the dark lords of metal from some of the participants of the forthcoming Download Australia Festival 2019.

 And what a better way for us to say Merry Christmas than this. Let’s go.


Merry Christmas...From Judas Priest but mainly Rob Halford


Love is a very strong word so it’s say to say that Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford bloody loves Christmas. It’s one thing to release the odd seasonal single, but Halford took time away from his main project to release a whole album worth of Yuletide winter goodness.



Merry Christmas...And Some Home Truths From Rise Against  


Rise Against are staunch supporters of the downtrodden and the oppressed. Few bands have the spine or integrity of Rise Against, and you can see this in their offering to the 15th Anniversary reimagining of Tim Burton’s iconic "The Nightmare Before Christmas."



Merry Christmas...From Anthrax’s Ian Scott And Friends.


We Wish You a Metal Xmas and a Headbanging New Year is a brilliantly titled Christmas album featuring some of the biggest, and most brutal names to have ever squared off with the gods of metal. It’s also testament to how many metalheads really do love Christmas - essentially all of them. Well, all of the ones who matter…

Ronny James Dio, Tommy Iommi, Alice Cooper, Lemmy and Dave Grohl all feature on the album, with plenty of finger work from Anthrax guitarist Ian Scott to boot.



Merry Christmas...From Me First And The Gimme Gimmes On Behalf Of All Punk


The Gimme’s are probably the most pro-Christmas punk band, and do most of the seasonal heavy lifting for the scene but it doesn’t look like they mind a bit. This year, the n’er do wells have given the sexy Christmas classic "Santa Baby" a much needed punk makeover. The results are glorious.



Merry Christmas...From Sum 41 Via The Greatest Song In The World


Well then, I never expected to hear literally the greatest song ever composed or performed while writing this list but let’s consider this a Christmas Miracle. This is a collaboration between Sum 41 and Tenacious D and potentially proof that there is a God.

Pure Infected-era Sum 41 shred underneath Jack Black’s unstoppable vocal prowess. It’s also completely hilarious and we can’t help but feel as though Jack Black actually performs this song, on his own, on the night before Christmas in the hopes that one day he’ll actually get his solid gold Harley with machine guns on the front.



Merry Christmas...From Pennywise And Also Screw You Christmas


Things got a little too joyous here for a moment, so let’s balance things out abit with a Christmas song that wants nothing at all to do with Christmas.

The track wasn’t released as part of some punk rock Christmas album, Pennywise just simply took it upon themselves back in 1999 to let everyone know they hate Christmas. Not only that, they will actively ruin your Christmas by stealing your presents and burning your Christmas trees down. Scrooge McDuck got nothing on Pennywise.



Now that the artists are off the hook, Merry Christmas from everyone else at Download Festival Australia. See you on the other side, metalheads.


Written by Mike Hohnen - A Music journalist who isn't just good...he's good enough